Our performance goes from ppp to fff: passionate, progressive and professional to formidable, fresh and friendly


Works done on 9th January:

Dixit Dominus: pp 1-10 ;   Haydn: Kyrie  ;  Mozart: mvmts 1,2.

Homework: Dixit Dominus: pp 1-10.

Works done on 16th January:

Dixit Dominus pp 1-16;  Haydn: Kyrie and Gloria ; Mozart mvmts 4 and 6.

Homework Dixit Dominus upto bar 164 page 16. plus learn Mozart pp 1 and 2. so we can sing this without music.

Works done on 23rd January:

Mozart:  No. 9 Hostias

Leonarda: upto bar 163

Homework Make sure you can sing pp 1, 2 Mozart from memory. Dixit up to bar 163.

Works done on 30th January:

Mozart: No 6. Confutatis, No. 7 Lacrymosa.  Leonarda: Dixit up to bar 163.

Homework: Haydn  p 24 Sanctus and  p34 ‘Ozana

Works done on 13th February:

Mozart pp 6-18, Hostias p 54, Lux Aeterna p 76; Haydn p 7 Gloria, p12-23 Credo, Leonarda p 18 – end.

Homework Leonarda p 18 – end.

Works done on 20th February:

Haydn: Kyrie, Credo, Sanctus, p 34 – 35, Agnus Dei,

Leonarda, pp 22 to end

Mozart: Agnus Dei, Sanctus, Domine Jesu

Homework Mozart; Domine Jesu

Works done on 27th February:

Leonarda: All, Haydn: All

Mozart: upto page 44.

Homework: Work on less well known sections.