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Earlier this year the Society presented the Alban Rees-Jones Cup to the Southampton Competitive Music Festival in memory of our friend and accompanist who died in 2015.  On Sunday March 6th the Impressionist Piano Class was held, for players 16 years and under. The winner of the class, Patrick Winter, was awarded the Cup.  It had been hoped that Alban’s niece would come to present the cup, but as she was unable to do so, our Chair, Sue Savage, made the presentation. We also gave a monetary award, (£200) for the most promising young pianist who would benefit from some financial assistance towards their studies. Sue Savage presented this to Isobel Hill at the Winners’ Concert at Thornden on Friday March 18th.  Isobel had won the Romantic Class for pianists aged 14 and under.

The Executive Committee also approved the award of our Young Musician prize 2016 to Ellie Row, a student at Taunton’s College. This was presented to her at the rehearsal on April 18th when Ellie also performed for us.


Patrick Winter

 Isobel Hill with her award

Isobel Hill with her award photo by Dan Cooke

Southampton Choral Society are committed to supporting young musicians in the city and in addition to inviting them to perform alongside the choir whenever they can, they also offer two awards. Their Young Musician award is a monetary award given every year or two to a suitable nominated candidate in order to help their musical studies.
There is also a trophy and a separate monetary award presented to a young person in the piano section at the annual Southampton Festival of Music and Drama. This is in memory of Alban Rees-Jones who was a much admired accompanist for the Choral Society and who sadly died at the beginning of 2015.